Conquer Your Fear of Driving

Over 20% of people suffer from a Fear of Driving that really holds them back from doing the things they have always wanted to do.

  • Getting your Dream Job
  • Go on a Driving Holiday
  • Dropping the the kids to school

Or simply having the freedom to take off when you want.

If this is you, then my IDECS program can help you to overcome your fear, learn to drive with confidence and most of all get on with your life!


IDECS Program


My unique IDECS program is a combination of over 10 years as a Driving Instructor and advanced NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Techniques which will enable you to overcome your fear of driving.

NLP is a psychological tool that helps you to build behaviours and habits that you want but something is getting in the way.  

I have qualified as an NLP practitioner and as such I am uniquely placed to help you to learn to drive – no matter how afraid of driving you are.



As part of the IDECS program, we usually meet about 6 times to help you to overcome your fear of driving and to get you to step into a car with confidence.

Some people are ready to change a bit more quickly and they find after 3 or 4 coaching sessions that they are ready to start driving.

The IDECS program tackles your fears on a number of levels, the only looking back you will be doing is in your rear view mirror

I = Identify

Why you want to learn to drive?
How you succeed in creating a less than relaxed and confident self. This is the first step to being able to create change for yourself

D = Discover

How to relax easily and you can apply this to other areas of your life also if you wish.

 E = Explore

What you really really want and the benefits that having got it will bring to you.


C = Change

Have you ever changed your mind before?
Change your mind so that you bring a success mindset to the step by step process of learning to drive.

S = Start

Learning to drive at a speed controlled by you and encouraged by your coach to go just a tiny bit outside of your comfort zone because by stretching yourself you learn how being even more flexible makes things easier for you.

This program will give you the confidence to start driving for yourself and you will be able to do all of those things which are not possible if you can’t drive!

What My Past Pupils Say

I would really recommend Des O’Neill. For me, I was apprehensive enough about beginning to drive as I was learning to do so from scratch. Did not even have a clue of the absolute basics, but Des has been extremely patient and calm from the start and has brought me forward enormously.

Des was recommended by a friend and I would do likewise.  From my experience as someone starting from the very beginning, I was thrilled that nothing was taken for granted that I should have known etc, and explained in such a thorough way that really took away any stress and anticipation I may have had.

Denise Lynch

From the get-go, Des was the perfect example of professionalism.

Always punctual, patient and clear, he knew exactly how to pace everything so that each lesson felt like a significant step up from the last, while at the same ensuring that he wasn’t overloading you with information or putting you under any pressure. That last point is particularly important for people (like me) whose confidence can be easily shaken at the wheel – with Des next to you, you’ll feel very much at ease.

Driving soon turned from something I had dreaded (I had put off driving for as long as I could get away with it!) into something I actually enjoyed. In addition to being a true professional, he’s also a real gent and a great choice for anyone either learning to drive for the first time, or honing their skills and eliminating bad habits prior to a test.

David Matthew

To be honest, I never wanted to learn to drive… I was embarrassed about not managing something that seems to come so naturally to others. I was very nervous, even terrified when thinking about driving!

It was pure luck that I decided to go with Des O’Neill on the day I booked my first lessons.

Des won me over with his calm and friendly, yet professional manner. I was a wary bundle of nerves, but his patience and empathetic attitude made a big difference, and as the lessons went on, my confidence grew. His car was always super-clean and smelled great.

Des was always accommodating and punctual. His positive feedback made me feel confident about skills that I had learned, and the friendly suggestions helped me to understand where some work was still needed. Besides all that, there is a lot to say about a person who leaves you in a great mood after every single lesson.

This week I passed my test and I could not have done it without his help.

Thank you, Des!

Marie Liis Roos

Des is a fantastic driving instructor and I’d highly recommend him to anyone looking to start learning. I’d taken some lessons many years ago but never passed my test, and got so dispirited with trying that I gave up. I finally decided to give it another go and Des was recommended to me by a friend. He was calm and in control at all times, even when I did something stupid.

He was also extremely patient – I lost count of how many times he’d tell me to check my mirrors! – and never complained if the lesson ran over the allotted time. Just before my driving test was due, I said I wanted to work further on my hazard reactions, and Des picked out the most annoying and busy roads possible to give me the best chance of getting it up to speed. I finally passed my test was only 1 Grade 2 mark, thanks to Des and his excellent teaching.

In closing, if you’re looking for a good, patient and friendly instructor, you can’t go wrong with Des.

Chris Homer
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